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Skype Piano Lessons

Staying at home? Don't be bored, try something new! Skype piano lessons are available now. All ages. All levels. You're never too old to learn.

You don't need much to start, a keyboard of approximately four octaves (around 38 notes, full size keys) is easily obtained online; a tablet or smartphone and a broadband connection will get you started. Reduced fees during the COVID-19 pandemic. For further details please call Mary on 01929 550936 or get in touch using the contact form below.

Who am I

piano teacher in wareham dorset I am a professional piano teacher with over thirty five years of successful experience advising students of all ages and ability levels. I began playing the piano when I was three years old and have studied to diploma level. I have been teaching the piano from my home, near Wareham, Dorset since 2001; I also offer online piano tuition via Skype. I am happy to work with music from any genre that you enjoy and offer exams for most examination boards if desired.

What I do

I welcome all students from age five upwards - although younger students may be considered where they show real interest; there is no upper age limit. I love teaching adults, who have often not played an instrument before - you are never too old to learn! My students tell me I am very patient with them. I tell them my job is to make myself "redundant" by teaching them all they need to know - so they don’t need me anymore!

My Location: Cold Harbour, Wareham

My Location, is 11 Silent Woman Park, Cold Harbour Wareham; BH20 7PE.

If you would prefer not to travel to Wareham, please check my lessons section, for details of skype lessons.

About Piano Lessons In Wareham

I offer piano tuition in person and also via the Internet. Whichever choice you make the first lesson is free and without obligation. We'll have a chat about your aims and you can sample my teaching style before deciding if you would like to study with me. To enquire about piano lessons just call 01929 550936 and ask for Mary - alternatively, please get in touch using the contact form below

Regular Piano Lessons

Regular piano lessons at my home, near Wareham, are weekly, for around thirty weeks per year; holiday periods generally include school holidays.

Most students, whether adult or child, begin with a half hour, but we'll agree an initial length for your lessons - Some of the important criteria to consider are your current playing level, whether or not you wish to study for exams, and how much practice time you have available.

A child of five or less may enjoy starting with two fifteen minute lessons a week, moving to a single half hour as soon as concentration span increases. A senior school student or adult who has a specific aim in mind may want to start with a forty five minute or one hour lesson to ensure sufficient study time. Students studying for ABRSM exams (or equivalent) above grade four will also, generally, benefit from these longer lesson times.

Internet Piano Lessons

If you would prefer piano lessons without leaving your own home. I am able to offer lessons by Skype. If you have a reliable broadband connection this relatively new way to learn can be just as effective as regular ‘in house’ lessons and allows the same lesson and study choices.

Consultation Piano Lessons

I offer consultation lessons for students who, for whatever reason, are not able to attend regular lessons. If you have been studying alone it can often help to have an experienced teacher give you an overview of your current playing level. This might include advice regarding your present achievements and suggestions that will help you to progress with confidence. Consultations lessons are especially useful to improve areas of your playing that cause you uncertainty or difficulty. These lessons are available at my home or via Skype according to your preference.

Taking Piano Exams

One hundred percent of my students who have chosen to take piano exams have passed, most with merits or distinctions. I teach the aural, sight reading and theory requirements as part of normal lessons for all my exam students. I also offer tuition for students studying for the practical elements of GCSE and A level exams or the compulsory grade five theory exam for other music students who have not studied theory as part of their instrumental lessons.

Piano Lesson Fees

The cost of regular and consultation lessons varies according to how long the lesson is and whether the lesson is given in person, or online. For further information please download my current fees.

Additional Information

Being able to play a musical instrument gives lifelong pleasure, but also, research has shown that learning music boosts confidence, concentration and learning abilities in children and helps to keep adult brains and fingers supple.

What do I need?

It is important to set aside a little time for regular practice; fifteen or twenty minutes is enough to begin. Repeating what you learned in your lesson on five or more days a week will be much more beneficial to you than cramming for an hour and a half once your lesson is near. So, you do need regular access to a piano or electronic keyboard.

For the first six months to a year a keyboard with about four octaves will be sufficient to allow you to practice regularly, be sure that you are enjoying your music and wish to continue progressing. You need one with full size keys, if you have one that is touch sensitive (plays louder or softer according to the speed and weight behind the note when you play), that would be helpful too, but initially it need not be essential. A weighted key, larger octave span, and pedals can come later, and I will be happy to help you find the right instrument for your circumstances when the time comes.

Will I have to play scales?

Not if you don’t want too! However, if, after a while studying you choose to take exams then yes; they are part of the examination syllabus and need to be well known from memory. If you prefer to play just for enjoyment scales are not a necessity, although they can help you to recognise keys and key signatures. There are many other different ways, to improve hand eye brain coordination should the student find difficulty with this.


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